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Find out what a fair and effective prenup looks like

Entering into a legally binding prenuptial agreement before marriage doesn't exactly form an image of everlasting love. Still, more and more couples in Tampa are taking this logical approach to building a successful and long-lasting relationship. The problem for many is that they don't know how to draft an effective prenup that is fair to both spouses.

Consider this alternative if it is too late for a prenup

When you find love, it is often a head-spinning experience. Most people on the path to matrimony do not stop to think about future financial matters. As such, they do not have prenuptial agreements in place when they get married. If trouble comes along after the wedding, they may regret not taking steps to protect their assets.

What do you need to know about prenuptial agreements?

Not many people in Florida would think that a discussion about a prenuptial agreement would be an easy conversation to have, but the fact is that these agreements can be vital for those who take a pragmatic approach to marriage. After all, the common refrain is that about half of all marriages end in divorce, although that may not be as true as it once was with changing societal norms. But, divorce is still incredibly common, so many people in Florida would probably like to know how a prenuptial agreement might help them with their relationships.

Discussing specific issues in prenuptial agreements

When a couple in Florida is preparing for a wedding, a conversation about a prenuptial agreement is, understandably, a somewhat delicate issue. Some people may worry that discussing or signing a "prenup" is a "jinx" on the marriage. Others may be completely shocked when their soon-to-be spouse even broaches the issue. However, once the conversation begins, much good can come from having a solidly drafted prenuptial agreement in place.

A prenuptial agreements effect on one's life

Florida residents who are planning on getting married usually only focus on the positives that will occur after the ceremony is over. There is always a good reason for this sort of optimism, but, in some respects, it is also a good idea to be cautious. Some residents will consider how a prenuptial agreement may be applicable in their upcoming marriage.

Could bad drafting and negotiating sink your "prenup"?

When celebrities and wealthy people get divorced, details about those legal proceedings usually make the news headlines. And, one term that often comes up in those cases is "prenuptial agreement." Our readers in Florida probably know that the point of these documents is to protect assets and keep them separate in the event that a marriage ends in divorce. But, could bad drafting and negotiating in the lead up to signing the document actually invalidate a "prenup"?

A prenup may be helpful before a second marriage

As readers of this Florida-based family law blog know, marriage is an important decision because it has legal significance. When a person gets married, they lose their status as a single person, and for many purposes their identity is tied to that of their spouse. Married people often share property, wealth and decision-making power with their partners.

Certain provisions are barred from prenuptial agreements

To some, making important financial and personal decisions about how their divorces will proceed even before they are married may seem fatalistic or even depressing. For others, having these and other matters addressed prior to their wedding dates can provide security and peace since they know that they have communicated with their partners about important decisions. Floridians who want to learn more about prenuptial agreements can discuss them with their family law attorneys, but readers should know that some topics cannot be addressed in premarital agreements and contracts.

Considering the benefits of executing a prenuptial agreement

Although some Florida residents may dismiss prenuptial agreements as unnecessary, it is a good idea for anyone who is planning to get married to educate themselves on what prenuptial agreements can and cannot do for their financial interests. There are some considerations people may want to keep in mind to decide if a prenuptial agreement is right for them.

Why is my spouse claiming that our prenup is unfair?

A prenuptial agreement is a contract that two people enter into when they decide that they want to be married. As with all contracts, Florida residents who desire to create prenuptial agreements should ensure that their interests are represented and protected in their documents before they sign them and make them binding. Certain factors that may be present during the course of the creation of a prenup may, however, subject it to challenges of fairness should the partners to the couple later choose to divorce.

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