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How can you protect your property in a high-asset divorce?

| Mar 20, 2020 | High Asset Divorce |

Getting a high-asset divorce in Florida is typically more complicated than divorcing without many assets. Worsening the situation for many, a lot of people with wealth get married without putting a prenuptial agreement into place. While no one wants to think about a possible divorce when they get married, taking precautions can save couples from a great deal of stress and anxiety later.

When a legal split seems imminent, many Florida spouses wonder if a high-asset divorce will put their property at risk. A simple answer to such a question is, “Probably.” So, what can couples do to protect the assets they consider personal if divorce is looming on the horizon?

Many high-asset divorce attorneys recommend these three tips for divorcing couples.

  1. Engage an attorney that can assist you in building a case that will protect your important possessions.
  2. Look for any assets your spouse may attempt to keep out of the divorce.
  3. Have your lawyer request privacy through the court to keep information about your assets out of the public eye.

What other steps can you take that will help you protect your property? If you married without a prenup, consider asking your spouse to sign a postnuptial agreement well before either of you ever contemplate a divorce. A postnup is a great way for you to protect your assets while also establishing fair methods of dividing property with your spouse.

Successful postnuptial agreements ensure that neither spouse is left with financial hardships after a high-asset divorce. An extra benefit of these agreements involves making it through the difficult property division stage of divorce more easily.