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Find out what a fair and effective prenup looks like

| Mar 5, 2020 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Entering into a legally binding prenuptial agreement before marriage doesn’t exactly form an image of everlasting love. Still, more and more couples in Tampa are taking this logical approach to building a successful and long-lasting relationship. The problem for many is that they don’t know how to draft an effective prenup that is fair to both spouses.

Unless you are a legal professional, you probably have no idea what fair prenuptial agreements look like. You can do a lot of research about prenups online, but you run the risk of emulating an agreement that does little to benefit you and your spouse. Even using very high-quality web resources grounded in the law (e.g. FindLaw) may not meet every one of your specific needs.

We suggest sitting down with a family law attorney when it’s time to create a prenuptial agreement. Doing it this way comes with many benefits.

  • You can both discuss your needs with a lawyer before signing anything
  • You can avoid including clauses that may inadvertently put you and your spouse’s rights in jeopardy
  • You can ensure that your agreement is airtight under Florida law
  • You can avoid including provisions that might lead to financial hardships if a divorce occurs
  • You can find out exactly what a fair and effective prenup looks like
  • You can tailor the document to address situations and circumstances unique to you and your future spouse

One of the greatest benefits of working with a lawyer is the opportunity to bypass “cookie-cutter” solutions in favor of provisions designed especially for you. In the end, you will both feel secure in the knowledge that you remain protected regardless of what may happen in the future. Please continue browsing our webpages for more about prenuptial agreements and family law.