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Should you decline to accept alimony? Some Florida residents do

| Feb 19, 2020 | Divorce |

We live in a much more modern world than our parents and grandparents once did. More women have careers outside the home and many fathers take on the role of staying at home with the kids. Living in a modern way also means divorcing in a more contemporary manner. For some, this means declining to accept an offer of spousal support.

As attorneys serving Tampa families, we think it is wonderful when a spouse chooses not to punish the other spouse by demanding alimony out of spite. However, we also feel concerned about this trend in some divorce cases. For example, it is unwise to turn down spousal support when you have even the smallest concern about your financial situation in the wake of your Florida divorce.

We urge you to consider your circumstances carefully or consult with a lawyer before dismissing spousal support. Think about what your finances might look like in the months and years after your divorce. Do you plan to return to school or seek specialized training? If you do, it is a good idea to think about how you plan to pay for your education. Spousal support can make all the difference in your ability to afford educational opportunities.

We also encourage you to consider other possibilities before you say no to alimony. How is your current health? Does your family have a history of cancer or other serious illnesses? If so, you may have a high risk of contracting these conditions as well. Spousal support could provide you with the means to ensure your health remains a top priority.

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