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Discussing specific issues in prenuptial agreements

| Nov 14, 2019 | Prenuptial Agreements |

When a couple in Florida is preparing for a wedding, a conversation about a prenuptial agreement is, understandably, a somewhat delicate issue. Some people may worry that discussing or signing a “prenup” is a “jinx” on the marriage. Others may be completely shocked when their soon-to-be spouse even broaches the issue. However, once the conversation begins, much good can come from having a solidly drafted prenuptial agreement in place.

For example, these days many people are waiting longer to get married — until they are in their 30s, as opposed to in their 20s. Naturally, that means that people have lived a longer “adult” life and probably have financial concerns of their own prior to marriage, including debt and possibly even significant assets. Keeping these finances separate can actually alleviate a potential source of stress on a marriage before it even begins.

Situations in which one of the spouses is on a second marriage are also good places to discuss the positive benefits of prenuptial agreements. Older couples may have children from a prior marriage, and they want to make sure that assets are distributed to those children, if anything negative should occur in the marriage.

There are many different scenarios in which prenuptial agreements may be beneficial. Any given couple-to-be could have other issues that are the most pressing to address. At our law firm, we work with our clients to address the specific issues that need to be a part of their prenups. For more information, please visit the prenuptial agreement overview section of our law firm’s website.