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How will "equitable distribution" effect high asset divorce?

Our readers in Florida may have heard the term, "equitable distribution" as it relates to property division in divorce cases. However, this legalese-type term may leave some people wondering what, exactly, it means. So, how will "equitable distribution" effect one's divorce?

Making the holidays peaceful with a strong custody agreement

Child custody is one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce. It is not easy for two Florida parents to agree on what is best for their children, especially when they are already dealing with the complex emotions that come with the end of a marriage. The holidays can exacerbate these feelings and make it even more difficult to make things work for the sake of the children.

Discussing specific issues in prenuptial agreements

When a couple in Florida is preparing for a wedding, a conversation about a prenuptial agreement is, understandably, a somewhat delicate issue. Some people may worry that discussing or signing a "prenup" is a "jinx" on the marriage. Others may be completely shocked when their soon-to-be spouse even broaches the issue. However, once the conversation begins, much good can come from having a solidly drafted prenuptial agreement in place.

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