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Avoiding mistakes in a divorce case

A divorce can be one of the most impactful events in a Floridian's life. There is no denying the complete change that can go into effect for a man or woman who is ending a marriage to go on with their separate life, sometimes, after years of being married. As important as a divorce case is, it is important to avoid mistakes.

Protecting your rights in a high asset divorce

In any divorce, the stakes are high. Sensitive issues that need to be addressed, such as property division, alimony, child custody and child support, mean that the ultimate decisions on these issues can have a life-long effect. However, in a high asset divorce, the property division process of the case takes on a much more significant role.

Is the divorce rate really that high in Florida?

The statistic has been said so much that it is almost common knowledge: half of all marriages end in divorce. That is not a high level of success. But, is that "statistic" actually true anymore? After all, societal norms have been changing quite a bit over recent years, and a new generation is changing how most people approach important turning points in their lives.

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