Age differences when it comes to the rate of divorce in America

Some of our readers in Florida may have seen news reports in recent years that generational shifts in thinking about relationships and marriage is having an impact on the divorce rate in America. Many of these reports note that the younger generation among us - so-called "millennials" - are waiting longer to get married, are staying in devoted dating relationships longer before getting married and, in general, are more financially secure prior to getting married than older generations might have been. The result? The overall divorce rate in America is declining, with one recent report noting that the divorce rate in our country is at its lowest point in the last 40 years.

However, there is a difference in the divorce rate when it comes to older Americans. Our readers may have heard the term "gray divorce," and it is a real phenomenon. Among older Americans - those age 55 and above - the divorce rate is actually rising quite a bit, even doubling, according to some reports.

So, why the big difference between younger Americans, who are bringing down the overall divorce rate, and older Americans, who are seemingly getting divorced more frequently than ever before? Well, some reports note that older Americans may have gotten married at quite a young age to begin with. Others, it seems, are likely to already be on a second or subsequent marriage which, according to some family law experts, are more likely to end in a divorce.

Age and generational tendencies may play a role in why Florida residents get divorced, but each divorce case is unique. A variety of other factors may be involved as well.

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