Important factors to understand regarding alimony awards

Not every Florida divorce will result in an award of alimony. Alimony is generally only ordered when one of the parties to a divorcing couple is financially unable to provide for their own needs following the end of their marriage. As previously discussed on this blog, alimony can take on different forms depending upon the needs of the receiving party and the capacity of the paying party to support them.

In order to determine if alimony should be awarded and what form it should take if it is necessary, courts look at a number of important factors. Certain factors relate to the age and condition of the recipient party. A person who is of advanced age or deteriorating health may be unable to reenter the workforce and may not be able to train for a new employment position.

Other factors relate to marital factors. If the marriage was relatively short-term, a court may be less likely to make a substantial alimony award in comparison to a union that had lasted for decades. Similarly, a couple that enjoyed a high standard of living may see a greater alimony award ordered than a couple whose marital wealth was modest at best. As readers can see, different marriages will result in different alimony awards.

Alimony awards depend on many factors that have not been mentioned in this post and are driven by the needs and interests of the specific parties. Because of this, readers should not take any of the information contained herein as legal guidance. Their independent family law attorneys can provide them with the advice they need to make informed decisions about their alimony and other divorce-related needs. This can help them address issues with seeking and even enforcing or modifying alimony.

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