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A high asset divorce requires committed legal guidance

| Apr 4, 2019 | High Asset Divorce |

In the end, a high asset divorce has the same result as a regular divorce: two individuals end their legal relationship and make important decisions about how they will share their wealth, children and property. To this end, Tampa residents may not see the need to work with high asset divorce attorneys when they choose to bring their marriages to their ends.

However, getting legal help from attorneys who understand the challenges and differences that high asset divorces can present is important for men and women who possess significant amounts of wealth. High asset divorces are about more than money: they are about protecting the assets that individuals have taken years of their lives to build. They are about ensuring that individuals who entered marriages with wealth take with them the separate property that they are entitled to preserve.

High asset divorces may or may not involve the interpretation and application of premarital agreements to divorce proceedings. They may involve questions regarding unique pieces of property, such as international residences or art collections. They can involve the division of businesses and other financial investments.

High asset divorces end with two people terminating their marriage. They are, however, very different from regular divorces. Attorney James Schaffer recognizes that every divorce is different and that high asset divorces can pose diverse challenges and questions for individuals who have amassed wealth over the course of their lives. He offers services for all individuals who wish to end their marriages and is available to meet with new clients who have concerns about how to approach their pending high asset divorce proceedings. This information can help one fully understand their rights and how to protect them