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What readers can learn from Jeff Bezos’ divorce

| Jan 24, 2019 | High Asset Divorce |

Most people know who Jeff Bezos is. in the last year, he was named the richest man in the world. However, even if his name is not familiar to Tampa residents, the company that he runs is likely something that they have heard of: Amazon. In the last few weeks, Bezos has been in the news for a reason unrelated to his ubiquitous company or alarming wealth.

Bezos and his wife recently filed for divorce and plan to end their 25 year marriage. The two share four children, and between them, they have billions of dollars in assets to divide up as they work to settle or litigate the separation of their lives. While at first glance a reader may not see any similarities between the divorce experience that Bezos and his wife will have and their own family law situations, they are encouraged to use this national news story as a learning opportunity regarding the process of divorce.

First, despite their wealth, Bezos and his wife would have to deal with custody and support issues if any of their children are minors or in need of continuing care. Additionally, they will have to make important decisions about the value of their assets and may need to enlist the help of experts to determine just how much certain articles are worth for the purposes of making fair settlement decisions.

Celebrity couples often have to put up with seeing their family dramas play out in the media. This unfortunate situation does, however, give everyday individuals an opportunity to see just what happens when individuals choose to end their marriages and engage in the process of divorce. Divorce issues are faced in the process, and during a high asset divorce, couples must make difficult decisions and navigate complex matters.