Planning for divorce in the New Year

A Tampa resident may resolve to live a happier life once the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. They may make plans to increase the joy that they experience each day, and these plans may involve making small and big changes to the way they approach life. For some, living a happier life may mean slowing down to appreciate what they have. For others, it may mean altering the fundamental relationships that they have with others, putting themselves in a more positive space for living.

Divorce can therefore be a component for some to improve their lives and find greater happiness. The joy a person may have experienced when they were first married can fade as issues and unresolvable problems develop between spouses. Though it is never easy, a divorce can be an important tool to guiding a person back to the positive life they once expected to live.

As the New Year approaches, attorney James Schaffer hopes that the readers of his legal blog reflect on their lives and take stock of the good and bad things that have affected them. If they find that their family relationships are causing them harm, he invites them to reach out to discuss possible changes they may be able to make to address their frustrations.

Changes to marital status through divorce, changes to child custody and support orders and other family law based changes can have huge impacts on Floridians who are attempting to live their best lives. Attorney James Schaffer is available to work with new clients to find acceptable legal solutions to their legal problems and positive paths into the New Year.

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