When can you stop paying alimony?

Alimony is a legal obligation that can bind two people even after their divorce has been finalized. The duration of time that an alimony obligation will last in Florida will depend upon the type of alimony that is awarded by a couple's divorce court. Some forms of alimony have built-in timeframes and when they reach their stipulated ends the paying parties are freed from their obligations. Other forms of alimony, however, do not include these provisions.

For example, if a party to a divorce receives permanent alimony from their ex-spouse then that obligation will last for quite a long time. It may only end when the recipient passes away or elects to remarry. Conversely, a court may award durational alimony, which has a set end point, or lump sum alimony, which is paid only once in order to fulfill the paying spouse's obligation.

Other forms of alimony may end when certain events are reached. If a court awards rehabilitative alimony, then a recipient may continue to receive payments from their ex-spouse until they are able to support themselves on their own income or wages. Alimony that is intended to help a person get settled after a divorce may last until the recipient is functioning on their own and out of the household of the payer.

Finally, parties who agree to alimony terms may have specific end points or terminal events written into their support agreements. For this reason, it is important for Florida residents to get specific information about their own divorce issues. Since alimony obligations can last for very different periods of time, individuals may need legal support to better understand which options are applicable to their cases.

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