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Factors that influence child custody determinations in Florida

Couples who have children and who decide to end their marriages have the difficult task of finding ways to ease the transition of divorce upon their kids. One of the biggest issues that children of divorce must face is finding stability once their parents separate their single household into two. It is important to understand how child custody is addressed in Florida courts and what factors courts look at to decide where and how kids should live.

What questions should I ask to decide if I need a prenup?

It seems like whenever a celebrity couple goes through a divorce most of their financial concerns are managed through the interpretation and application of their prenuptial agreement. As previously discussed on this Florida family law blog, prenuptial agreements, also known as prenups, are contracts that individuals make with their future spouses that outline how they will divide up their financial assets and property if they divorce. Not all individuals may choose to enter into prenups before they wed but people planning to marry may wish to ask themselves several important questions before they definitively decide against creating them.

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