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| Jun 28, 2018 | High Asset Divorce |

The process of seeking divorce in the state of Florida is generally the same for everyone who wants to use the courts to end their marriages. The parties to the actions must meet residency requirements, must fulfill their obligations of submitting notices and pleadings regarding the end of their marriages to the courts and their partners and must disclose all of their assets so that their property may be divided. Though the format of a divorce may mirror that of another couple, the contents of every divorce are diverse and unique.

That is because every couple brings to the divorce table facts and circumstances that are particular to their lives and this fact is easily demonstrated by the ownership of assets that couples and divorcing parties possess. While some individuals who wish to divorce may have no real estate, few savings and no personal property of value, others may have multiple homes, collections of cars or art and investments that value into the millions of dollars.

Managing a divorce where the couple’s assets are significant can take special consideration and care. Often termed a “high asset divorce”, these legal matters rely on careful accounting and asset valuation to ensure that the parties emerge from their legal processes with fair and reasonably divided assets. Achieving this outcome can be difficult without the help of an attorney who understands high asset divorces.

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