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Amicability makes divorce process easier in Florida

| Jun 1, 2018 | Divorce |

Divorce can be a stressful and emotional undertaking, but it does not always have to be an adversarial process. In Florida – a “no-fault” state in which wrongdoing need not be alleged by either party – remaining amicable can make the process smoother, quicker and easier to handle from a emotional/mental perspective. The first step to a good working relationship during divorce is maintaining open lines of communication.

If you and your spouse or partner have children, reaching an informal agreement regarding support, visitation and custodial rights will to reduce stress, while saving time and money. The agreement can then be drawn up, signed and formalized by the court. Such an agreement can typically be modified later with the agreement of both parties.

Another way that you and your partner can work together and make the divorce process smoother is to identify all the individual and marital assets you have. Statements for bank, investment and retirement accounts, as well the last several years of tax returns and earnings information are all information that you will need, as you proceed through the dissolution process. You should also gather all the titles, deeds, registrations and other relevant ownership documentation for assets that require them.

Even the best working relationship, however, can benefit from the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. A seasoned lawyer can offer valuable advice, as well as making court appearances, drafting and filing the necessary documents. If you and your spouse run into any sticking points, a law firm like James R. Schaffer P.A. can help you work through them. We have been assisting couples and individual spouses with divorce and other family law matters for years. Please visit the family law page on our firm’s website to learn how we can help you.